Partbred Andalusian Horses For Sale

Gotico Park Caruso

Horse Stats

Gotico Park Belladeo

Dam: Gotico Park Jaqualine (Clydesdale)

DOB: 28/10/15

Colour: Bay

Height: Mature over 16hh

Sex: gelding

Price: $4,300



GOTICO  PARK   JACKARDO      DOB-  28/10/15

Mature 16.1hh plus

Sire:  Gotico Park Belladeo    PRE    
Dam:  Gotico Park Jaqualine (Clydesdale)   Pictured below

A stylish, well conformed, strong boned, bay gelging has flowing elastic movement with extraordinary extensions and will mature over 16 hh, he is beautifully marked with a thin blaze and three white socks he has a docile temperament and would excel in Dressage, be great for harness or pleasure riding, suitable for large rider.

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