Australian Andalusian Horses For Sale

Gotico Park is producing a small number of superior quality Australian Andalusians horses with Style, Loads of Andalusian Characteristics, Type and Presence.

An “Australian Andalusian” is a horse containing three or more crosses of Pure Spanish Andalusian blood, the result of a “Breeding up” programme. Australian Andalusian is the product of breeding a Spanish/ PRE to a second cross Andalusian or Australian Andalusian. There is a minimum of three crosses or appx. 93.7% Andalusian blood to produce an Australian Andalusian horse.

Prices can change without notice.

Gotico Park Maido

Sire: Gotico Park Belladeo
Dam: Gotico Park Maiara
Colour: Grey
DOB: 16/2/21

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Gotico Park Maresca

Sire: GP Belladeo
Dam: Gotico Park Maiara (Australian Andalusian)
Colour: Grey
DOB: 4/1/10

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