Australian Andalusian Mares

An “Australian Andalusian” is a horse containing three or more crosses of Pure Spanish Andalusian blood, the result of a “Breeding up” programme. Australian Andalusian is the product of breeding a Spanish Andalusian/ PRE to a second cross Andalusian or Australian Andalusian. There is a minimum of three crosses or appx. 93.7% Andalusian blood (marginally less if an Australian is used in the breeding up program) to produce an Australian Andalusian horse.

The Australian Andalusian Mares we have bred and chosen, to have elegant elevated movement, superior Andalusian breed characteristics, fantastic conformation, kind natures and that wonderful trainability of the Andalusian horse.

In the early period of Spanish Andalusians in Australia , the gene pool was quite small and limited, and there were concerns about possible side effects from inbreeding. A suggestion was made for a breeding up program, similar to that implemented when Brahman cattle first came to Australia.  However the idea faltered when it was deemed that the end result, an Australian Andalusian (at the time, a fourth cross) could never be classified as a Purebred.

These days, the basic idea is still the same – to re-introduce some hybrid vigour. The Australian Andalusian gives the breeder an opportunity to infuse some outside blood, without losing the overall character of the Andalusian type. This means those aiming for the open performance market can use for example, Thoughoubred or Warmblood as an infusion, to introduce height, bone and better scope of movement, these horses will be extremely competitive.

The progeny of an Australian Andalusian stallion or mare over a second cross Andalusian or Australian Andalusian produces an Australian Andalusian, but no matter how many times it is crossed, it can never achieve Spanish or Purebred status. Partbred progeny from Australian Andalusians crossed over another breed may be registered as Partbred (first cross) Andalusian, this was introduced by the AHAA in 2000.

All State and National AHAA shows have classes for Australian Andalusian horses, some Agricultural & local shows have introduced classes for Australian Andalusian horses but in the event that there are no classes for Australian mares or geldings, these horses are allowed to compete in Partbred rings.

The AHAA has basic guidelines for the breeding of Australians, they must be free of congenital defects and have sound morphological structure. It is up to the discerning breeder to ensure that these horses are bred as conformationally correct as possible.

Gotico Park is producing a small number of superior quality Australian Andalusians horses for sale each year, with loads of Andalusian characteristics, style, type and presence.

Gotico Park Maiara

Sire: Gotico Park Escamillo SO0783
Dam: Blackford Filomena 2X0152
Colour: Grey
DOB: 3.2.2005

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Sire: Militario SO0264
Dam: Chicadee 2X0126
Colour: Bay
DOB: 3.11.1995

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Gotico Park Fileena

Sire: Gotico Park Escamillo SO0783
Dam: Blackford Filomena 2X0152
Colour: Grey SOLD
DOB: 30.11.2003

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Gotico Park Maresca

Sire: Gotico Park Belladeo SO1261
Dam: Gotico Park Maiara AO160
Colour: Grey - Leased
DOB: 4.1.2010

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