Partbreds Andalusians

We produce a number of quality Partbred Andalusians each year.

Our Partbred producing mares are selected for superior sound conformation, straight cadenced flowing movement and are a horse of excellent quality to produce athletes for all equestrian disciplines. The breeds we like to cross breed with are Thoughoubred, Clydesdale, Stud Book Pony, Warmblood and Stock Horse. Gotico Park will be breeding a limited number of Second Cross Andalusian horses for sale, these will be quality Crossbred horses with an extra dash of that magnificent Andalusian blood.

Our Partbred horses are good moving equestrian types, with extremely good conformation, suitable for showing, hacking, harness, dressage, eventing, showjumping and pleasure riding. They possess extremely trainable temperaments, highly sort after flowing straight cadenced movement and the reliability and comfort of the Andalusian breed.

When you choose a horse from Gotico Park Andalusian Stud you know you will be getting the type of horse many only dream about.

Gotico Park Careena

Sire: Centaur Gladiator
Dam: Chapel House Carabella SO761
Colour: Bay - SOLD
DOB: 24/12/02

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Gotico Park Estrela

Sire: Gotico Park Escamillo SO783
Dam: Bundaleer Little Clee (Studbook Pony)
Colour: Bay
DOB: 18/12/00

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Gotico Park Roleena

Sire: Gotico Park Escamillo SO783
Dam: Rita's Pride (Thoughoubred)
Colour: Black - SOLD
DOB: 9/11/02

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Gotico Park Belardia

Sire: Gotico Park Belladeo SO1261
Dam: Norman Park Penelopy (Clydesdale)
Colour: Bay - Deceased
DOB: 11.11.2007

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Gotico Park Ziget

Sire: Ziegel A.W.H.A- 610229900895
Dam: Angels Weep
Colour: Grey - Deceased
DOB: 23/10/04

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Gotico Park Jacqualine

Sire: Taloona Scotsman (Clydesdale) 6163
Dam: Norman Park Penelopy (Clydesdale) 15002
Colour: Bay - Sold
DOB: 23/1/00

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Dream Catcher

Colour: Grey - SOLD

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