The PRE Horse

What is the Andalusian?

        • the breed also known as the Pure Spanish Horse or Pura Raza Española (PRE)
        • first developed thousands of years ago in the Iberian Peninsula
        • recognised as an individual breed in the 1600s
        • often grey in colour (although found in various other colours such as bay, black, chestnut, buckskin and palomino) with thick, long manes and tails
        • favoured for being intelligent, sensitive, and docile – making them perfect for handling and training
        • used to develop and create other breeds, such as:
            - the warmbloods of Germany, Holland, and Denmark  
                 - the Cleveland Bay
          •      - the Connemara
                 - the Appaloosa
                 - the Paso Fino
                 - The Quarter horse

                 - the Kladruber of Austria

                 and many more


 The Andalusian dates back to the Bronze and Iron ages, and over the course of history has come to be renowned throughout Europe as a superior war horse, particularly prized by the nobility. William the Conqueror, Napoleon, Wellington, and Queen Isobel all made use of Andalusians, either by riding them themselves or using them to establish breeding farms.

 The Andalusian breed has been developed over centuries but has always been selected for its athleticism and stamina. From the beginning of their history they have been used for both riding and driving, and were one of the first breeds used in classical dressage. Even today they frequently lead the way in international dressage in competition.

Andalusians have always been used for a variety of activities, from show jumping to driving and bullfighting, or as stock horses. They are also a favourite in movies, often used in historical or fantasy films!

 The PRE has become one of the most sought-after breeds and as such, investing in them would be considered an excellent investment for the future.

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