Gotico Park breeding Champions of the future

       Welcome to Gotico Park Andalusian Stud
               the home of the Spanish Horse. 

Gotico Park is the largest Andalusian / Spanish horse stud in Australia, producing the largest selection of quality PRE, Spanish Andalusian, Australian Andalusian, Partbred Andalusian and Spanish Warmblood horses in Australia. 

Our horses are foal imprinted at birth, taught to lead at three days old and are handled and cared for by experienced caring staff that look after their every need.  

Gotico Park has produced many of its own brood mares and have purchased other quality mares from around the country and Spain, our stallions have been retained or selected to complement the top quality mares we use for breeding.

When you purchase a horse from Gotico Park you know that many many years of breeding and selection has gone into producing the highest quality equine partner most people only dream about.

                 Gotico Park Amillo

Ariadna (Imp Spain)
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